Tackle the E-Commerce Website Usability Qualms

Virtual market was never scarcely populated, but thanks to advancements like Zen cart eCommerce, magneto eCommerce development and likes, the zone now is certainly crowded. The crowd however is not making money. There are abundant reasons for this, but as the scope of this article is limited, let’s zero down on one of the most critical aspects and that is the E commerce cart usability.

With various possible ways one can attract traffic and even induce an initial purchase, however if the eCommerce store is not a convenient buy option or is not easy to use, it will repeal buys. The idea is pretty straight forward. Consider a situation where to buy an electronics item, you log onto a relatively new eCommerce website you have heard about. The home page is stuffed with product pictures and descriptions of all kinds and scrolling through all of it obviously seems a pain. But then it is justified, I mean naturally if there are so many products to be sold, the details will be posted. However, while this “seemingly natural” situation is defensible from the owner’s perspective, as a buyer you are all lost in the maze.

The situation further worsens, if the search box is not placed right above the fold. The sophisticated eCommerce design then seems totally redundant and the whole task of eCommerce website development fails to generate any returns. Despite putting in a diligent effort and thus making use of high tech shopping cart systems the php eCommerce development based website or Magneto eCommerce development driven online store or Zen cart eCommerce website fails to deliver.

How to Define Usability?

An eCommerce website design is considered usable if

1.It is easy to explore – it is not a puzzle a buyer is here to solve. The motive is shopping and shopping should always be easy and quick and fun. Nobody is interested in getting lost while attempting to navigate the path leading to the desired item. Breadcrumb navigation along with the requisite heads and sub heads is the solution.

2.It saves time and is convenient – An online store, which during the final stages of checkout displays the message ‘out of stock’ is certainly frustrating. Likewise unnecessary pop-ups and adverts are a turn-off.

3.It communicates security and trust – this is critical for a non branded set-up. Zen cart eCommerce is a fantastic open source platform and many are making use of this software to create shopping carts however, a user is not able to trust all. To foster this trust level few measures like placing trust certifications, portraying security badges and thus conveying security concerns are pertinent.

4.It is extremely straight and clear on the price aspect – You cannot trick and confuse a buyer more than one singular time, so don’t waste time and resources on anything like magneto eCommerce development, if this is the focus. An eCommerce website design is usable if it clearly elucidates the item’s net price along with all possible add-one like shipping charges, volume discounts, etc.

List Building and the Single Page Website

Here’s a scenario for an online business that provides information and is in existence to help other succeed in their online ecommerce objectives. You should know up front that the ultimate goal for the business is to get you to purchase their marketing plan.

Do they develop a flashy website with flash and animation? Do they flood the screen with video testimonials or podcasts? Do they pay a celebrity to provide a testimonial? There is a quiet awakening in a form of marketing that is essentially low key, low budget and is essentially comprised of a single visitable page. The page provides an audio greeting from the owner telling you briefly about the product and the potential success. You are then invited to read a singular page of information.

Once the visitor does this they have to make a choice. If the information is solid enough they will need to determine if they are interested enough to find out more. If they are then they will need to fill out a form on the single page website. That is the key that unlocks a world of information. This approach is a prime example of powerful list building strategies.

A site like this may be a prime candidate for web builder technology. The site is essentially simplified and does not require significant upkeep so the use of a site builder can be a cost effective and simple way to reach your online objectives.

The remaining functions of the website may be comprehensive or the information the guest needs may be managed through autoresponders. In other words when the door is unlocked you can help guide your visitor in the way that will best help them understand your marketing product the best.

Obviously this is a business-to-business scenario, but the process may have possibilities for business to customer applications as well. I think one of the reasons this might be a smart approach to marketing is that you are not immersing your guest into a site that has so much information it can be intimidating to actually learn where to start.

This approach may result in fewer signups, but these individuals may be more motivated to learn more and perhaps share your message. You can help them by systematically dismantling your marketing system or product and bringing it to your customers in bite sized nuggets that are attractive and filling.

As a business owner you might look at passing along the information in either a webinar video stream or an ecourse that is sent to customers over a period of time by autoresponders.

Why do you think listening to books has become so popular? People seem to have less and less time to devote to something they feel is overwhelming. If you were to simply send out a manual in the mail with your information it may get lost and unused, but by creating attractive and helpful sections that are dispersed at strategic times you may find those same individuals learning significant amounts about your business and/or product.

There are many ways to develop your site and equally remarkable ways to build traffic. This article presents a case for a technique you may have never thought about before.

Help Your Company Soar With Professional and Dynamic Web Site

In today’s cyber era, it is mandatory to have a professional website. Gone are the days when companies could choose not to make a website portal of their company. In recent times a customized official website is as important as registering your company.

From large multi national giants to small time firms, every company has a registered official website. Now, there are lots of factors that need to be acknowledged for a classic web site. Some of them are as follows:

The real motive for having a website

Are you a successful business firm? Or are you an independent businessman? Are you one of those college enthusiasts wanting a website to show off all your family photos? Now if you are part of a hardcore company, then the website must be official, informative and client-friendly. And in the case of informal fun websites there is no need not follow rigid rules and dictums.

Company symbol

If you are designing a website for your company, then it may have a company logo or emblem that marks your company. That emblem should be necessarily included in the official web portal. If you are handing the work to some web design company then see to it that all necessary contents and photographs are given to them beforehand. Even the choosing of a domain name can be in relation to the company logo.

The Number of WebPages

All the websites have a main home page, a contact us page and several link pages, it is for you to decide how many pages your company site should have in total. It is vital that your visitors get a fair idea of your firm and the business you conduct. For example if your company involves extensive market research, then a feed back column is essential.

Similar web sites

You may want to design a contemporary and dynamic website for your company, and for this purpose you may need to look at all the other competitive websites. A professional ecommerce solution group may need these types of vital pointers as it helps them understand your needs and demands so that they can work on a pattern that suits your unique taste. The selection of colors and shades that match with your ideas and your company may help the professional web design group to create an attractive and vibrant website, and in turn gives you the virtual advantage of having superior ecommerce packages.

To build a successful ecommerce web site design, you need a creative group that understands your company like the back of their hand, for developing an interactive, practical and professional web solution, it calls for great skill, efficient and attentive designers who are expert in creating classic web pages that boost your company sales and profits. These experts listen to all your ideas and manage to create a website that is highly professional yet interactive with the visitors. A web design company can literally make or break your business and success rates.