Ecommerce Website From The Consumer’s Aspect

“First rule of thumb is to never buy something that you can’t make your children carry.”

Being into the world of ecommerce I am sure you must have realized that we are into a consumer-driven society.

This means that your product selection and services provided basically depend on the consumer’s tastes and preferences. With advent of internet it has been realized that the consumer is actually reaching out there to choose the best for himself and he is at the driver’s seat.

You can apply several marketing tools for an Ecommerce Website Design, and the first step for this is to do a strong market research. Before introducing a product in online world of ecommerce you need to be very sure that the consumer wants it or else you’ll be spinning your wheels.

You may risk the chance of introducing a product without the consent of the consumer; however in that case you need to work really hard in making your prospective customer understand why this product is beneficial to them and why they should go for it. Till the time your consumer doesn’t feel the necessity for it, he is not likely to buy your product and your sales will not boost up.

If a consumer doesn’t believe that there is actually a need of the product, there is built- in motivation factor that will encourage the purchase.

But this does not even mean that you should be deceitful. Provide with true and real information to your customers. You can attract your visitors with a beautiful Ecommerce Website Design and in that highlight the testimonials from your clients on how your products and services have been beneficial for them. This way you will encourage your prospective customer to understand the usefulness of your commodity and inspire them to buy from you.

It has been discovered in a survey that thirty percent of customers are put off with the added costs such as shipping or too stretched delivery period which makes them disappointed and dissatisfied. Therefore you must make sure that you provide all the details with the products on your ecommerce site so that the customer has a clear picture in his mind and doesn’t feel deceived later on.

To conclude I would like to say that to have a successful online store it is important to analyze everything from the customer’s point of view and then implement strategies accordingly to boost your sales. Right strategy implemented at the right time for the right target audiences will work wonders for your ecommerce store. So be wise and act smartly!

Popular WordPress Ecommerce Plugins Useful For Your E-Store

Today, most people rely on the internet to purchase things and so there is a considerable boom in the ecommerce business. Setting up your online store is no more a difficult task as we have numerous platforms that are used to develop eCommerce stores. We all know that WordPress had started its journey as a wonderful blogging platform, but today it has evolved into a robust solution that allows business owners to create a feature rich eCommerce website at effective rates. With WordPress and various plugins available, you are now able to create eCommerce sites for your business quite easily.

If you have plans to create an eCommerce site using WordPress, then here are some of the plugins that may fit your best needs. The plugins discussed here are free to use and are simply perfect for building any profitable WordPress e-stores.

WP eCommerce: This is a simple yet powerful WordPress eCommerce plug-in that has been there for the past many years. The plugin allows you to customize HTML and CSS, so that you enjoy full control on the look and feel of the e-store. Whether you are interested in selling physical inventory, memberships or subscriptions or even digital downloads, this amazing plugin helps to sell anything easily. With more than 2.9 million downloads, it is the second most popular plugin used by business owners. Its streamlined checkout process helps to dramatically increase the store’s conversion rate. And moreover the plugin integrates perfectly with many shippers and payment processors and helps to add extra functionalities to your store.

WooCommerce: This plugin is built by developers at WooThemes and is the most popular and widely used free plugin for WordPress website development. It is packed with top of the line features and this highly extendable plugin empowers you to create your site into a million dollar e-store. The best thing about this is that its golden collection for paid and free themes and extensions are best to meet your specific business needs. A WordPress development company can use PayPal Standard integration, multiple shipping options, easy inventory management, flexible couponing and etc.

Easy digital downloads: This is a feature rich and lightweight and simple to use eCommerce solution for selling digital downloads via WordPress at no cost. The plugin offers useful features that can keep selling digital goods and offers a powerful reporting system that allows you to see your earnings and sales through easy to analyze data tables and interactive graphs. It comes with more than 200 extensions and themes that can be easily customized according to your needs.

Jigoshop: This is another reliable and secured WordPress eCommerce plugin from Jigowatt. This plugin is best suited for SMEs and offers an intuitive dashboard through which you can easily set up and manage your e-store in minutes. You will be able to choose from more than 30 customizable themes based on your needs and enjoy over more than one hundred of powerful extensions to take your e-store to the next level. The various reporting features include sortable sales graphs and stock reports that allow you to check how your store is performing.

MarketPress: This plugin is an easily customizable, well designed and feature rich and the prime motive behind its creation is to deliver the users a beautiful and enjoyable online shopping experience without the need for any extensions. It is an effort to put the powers of various plugins together into a single eCommerce solution.

Help Your Company Soar With Professional and Dynamic Web Site

In today’s cyber era, it is mandatory to have a professional website. Gone are the days when companies could choose not to make a website portal of their company. In recent times a customized official website is as important as registering your company.

From large multi national giants to small time firms, every company has a registered official website. Now, there are lots of factors that need to be acknowledged for a classic web site. Some of them are as follows:

The real motive for having a website

Are you a successful business firm? Or are you an independent businessman? Are you one of those college enthusiasts wanting a website to show off all your family photos? Now if you are part of a hardcore company, then the website must be official, informative and client-friendly. And in the case of informal fun websites there is no need not follow rigid rules and dictums.

Company symbol

If you are designing a website for your company, then it may have a company logo or emblem that marks your company. That emblem should be necessarily included in the official web portal. If you are handing the work to some web design company then see to it that all necessary contents and photographs are given to them beforehand. Even the choosing of a domain name can be in relation to the company logo.

The Number of WebPages

All the websites have a main home page, a contact us page and several link pages, it is for you to decide how many pages your company site should have in total. It is vital that your visitors get a fair idea of your firm and the business you conduct. For example if your company involves extensive market research, then a feed back column is essential.

Similar web sites

You may want to design a contemporary and dynamic website for your company, and for this purpose you may need to look at all the other competitive websites. A professional ecommerce solution group may need these types of vital pointers as it helps them understand your needs and demands so that they can work on a pattern that suits your unique taste. The selection of colors and shades that match with your ideas and your company may help the professional web design group to create an attractive and vibrant website, and in turn gives you the virtual advantage of having superior ecommerce packages.

To build a successful ecommerce web site design, you need a creative group that understands your company like the back of their hand, for developing an interactive, practical and professional web solution, it calls for great skill, efficient and attentive designers who are expert in creating classic web pages that boost your company sales and profits. These experts listen to all your ideas and manage to create a website that is highly professional yet interactive with the visitors. A web design company can literally make or break your business and success rates.